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We are a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on the customer experience. From sales to service, we look to provide you with the most enjoyable experience around.

lunaelectricbikes is an all-encompassing online destination dedicated entirely to the world of electric dirt bikes. Our platform provides comprehensive coverage of everything you would expect from a traditional dirt bike, as well as exploring the exciting realm of electric-powered off-road adventures.

At Lunaelectricbikes, we understand that the electric dirt bike market goes beyond the conventional designs. That's why we delve into the realm of light electric dirt bikes that closely resemble mountain bikes, offering a unique blend of maneuverability and power. Additionally, we also dive into the world of hybrid electric dirt bikes, which seamlessly combine the benefits of pedaling with the versatility of an electric motor. Our aim is to introduce enthusiasts to the vast potential and thrilling experiences offered by these innovative variations.

Our Coverage

Our coverage doesn't stop with electric dirt bikes themselves. We go the extra mile by providing valuable insights into various upgrade options for electric dirt bike parts, ensuring that riders can enhance their performance and take their adventures to new heights. Additionally, we recognize the importance of proper gear and accessories in ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Therefore, we offer detailed discussions on the latest dirt bike gear and accessories, ensuring that riders are well-informed about the essential equipment they need for their off-road excursions.

Beyond the technical aspects, we also understand that the rider's lifestyle plays a significant role in their overall experience. Therefore, we provide recommendations on gear and accessories that cater to different riders' preferences and styles, allowing them to truly embrace their passion for electric dirt biking.

With lunaelectricbikes, we've built more than just a website. We have created a vibrant community where passionate electric dirt bike enthusiasts can find the information, guidance, and inspiration they need to fully immerse themselves in the world of electric-powered off-road adventures. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking upgrades, a beginner looking for guidance, or simply someone fascinated by the possibilities, lunaelectricbikes is your ultimate go-to source.

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